About Us

The key goal at the Center for Synthetic Immunity is to develop novel therapeutics and move them into the clinic.

Synthetic Immunity can be described as the intentional design and construction of new biological pathways, molecules, and immunological systems to provide a means to induce, improve, or regulate specific immune responses.

At the Center for Synthetic Immunity, we aim to design immune cells that:

  • Target key effector cells and mechanisms
  • Alter the local environment
  • Repair the tissue
  • Prevent further damage

A disease may be a good target for cell therapy if it is:

  • A chronic, debilitating, or fatal condition
  • A significant health problem or threat
  • A “complex” pathological process where multiple factors contribute to disease
  • Controlled by Pro- or anti-inflammatory processes
  • Candidate target(s) are available

The successful development of novel chimeric receptor based cell therapeutics has the potential to effectively treat many chronic and difficult diseases where there is a high unmet medical need.